The Cleanest
Toothbrush Ever
Meet Effa
Disposable eco-clean toothbrush
What is it?
Effa is a disposable eco-clean toothbrush made of paper.
  • The Body is made of sugar cane paper and covered with nano-layer lamination, produced form a corn starch, for smooth and nice feeling.
  • The Bristles are made partly of castor oil and partly of Nylon 4, an innovative type of Nylon, minimizing the harm to nature.
  • The Package. Every single Effa is carefully packed in individual eco-pack, made of thinnest paper, dissolving in water with no harm to nature.
  • Toothpaste is special. This is just a tiny pill. Bite it - and you are fresh!
Save the planet and order it now!
The price of a tiny miracle is 1 USD.
Minimum delivery order is 5000 pieces.
If you have any questions, or would love to order an eco-friend right ahead - just contact us, our team is waiting for you.
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